Runway 5-23 Construction Updates

Runway 5-23 Construction Updates 2560 1013 Morristown Airport

Runway 5-23 Construction

As Phase II, Stage B construction continues on our Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project, we wanted to share a progress update and outlook for the remainder of the project.

Weather impacts from two major storms, Henri and Ida, have forced the contractor to cancel multiple, scheduled closures over the past few weeks. In order to meet the original project deadline of November 1st, there will be changes to the original schedule of closures for September and October.

For the remainder of September and all of October, there is the potential for nightly-closures (2200L-0600L) on every weeknight. Our original schedule reserved these nights for potential closures given weather impacts.

Along with the potential for more nightly-closures on weeknights, there is the potential for weekend, Runway 5-23 closures during the daytime hours in September and October (times TBD).

The Contractor has been doing everything they can to keep the project on time, but due to circumstances beyond their control, these potential changes may be necessary to finish Phase II, Stage B by November 1st.

As always, we will provide updated project information as soon as it is available to us and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Nightly-closures of Runway 5-23 are scheduled Monday through Friday this week. Work will continue off the Runway 23 end in both of the culvert replacement areas as well as trenching work for conduit and a new JCP&L power line.

Upcoming Runway 5-23 Nightly-Closures*:

  • Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 27: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 28: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 29: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 30: 2200L-0600L
  • Oct. 1: 2200L-0600L

*Closures are subject to change due to weather and other impacts


For full details on Phase II, Stage B construction, and an overview of the complete Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project, please click here to be directed to our Improving MMU web page.

A relocated threshold (installed early August) will remain in place for the duration of Phase II, Stage B, set to complete on November 1, 2021. Runway 5-23 usable length for duration of Phase II, Stage B is 5,097′


MMU Wins 2020/2021 Balchen Post Award

MMU Wins 2020/2021 Balchen Post Award 2000 942 Morristown Airport

Morristown Airport (MMU) has been named a winner of the 2020-2021 Balchen/Post Award, a national accolade for outstanding achievement in airport snow and ice removal. The prestigious annual award is presented by the Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (NEC/AAAE) and is awarded to airports in different categories based on their size, type and amount of annual operations.

“This winter season proved to be one of the most difficult seasons in recent history with close to 50 inches of snowfall, in addition to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said one MMU tenant.

“However, from the beginning of the season, DM AIRPORTS, LTD. provided a clear outline of their snow removal plan and ensured a clear line of communication throughout the entire season.”

The MMU Snow Team battled over 49.6 inches of snow this past season, with most of that occurring over a 3 week period in late January and February. Which included a 30+ inch snow event from January 31-February 2nd. This was all done while trying to manage a COVID-19 pandemic response and ensuring that staff were kept safe and available for snow events.

The criteria for the Balchen/Post award include an airport’s preparedness for the Winter season, effectiveness of their snow and ice control plan, communication during and after an event/storm and post storm activity.

Excelling in all facets listed above, MMU was named the winner in the “Large General Aviation” category, recognizing airports with 50,000 or more total operations annually.

“The team at MMU does a great job of keeping the runways and airport surface in good condition during snow events,” one MMU Operator said. “They also have a good system of communication between airport operations and the flight and de-ice crews. They really make a difficult process as easy as possible.”

This marks the third time Morristown Airport has won the Balchen/Post award, as the airport was previously honored in the 2013/2014 and 1986/1987 Winter seasons.

Snow blower in action at MMU, February 2021

To learn more about the Balchen/Post award visit the AAAE site.

COVID-19 Information for MMU Users

COVID-19 Information for MMU Users 2048 1365 Morristown Airport

Morristown Airport and its tenants continue to adhere to all CDC guidelines to ensure a safe and efficient experience for all who fly with us. For the latest COVID-19 information as it pertains to the State of New Jersey, please see the resource links below:

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub

Travel Advisories 

Join the Wave of New Generation Flyers

Join the Wave of New Generation Flyers 2560 922 Morristown Airport

The general aviation has world has changed. When COVID-19 stopped parts of the world entirely for weeks and months at a time, people still needed to move. With commercial flights halted, private jet charter operators in the general aviation industry stepped up to move people safely and efficiently.

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new wave of flyers to general aviation like never before. Private jet charter operators saw significant increases in first-time flyers and more importantly, these first-time flyers have decided to stay (XO, a leading jet charter provider, saw a 298% year over year increase in Q1 2021, according to

Why have they stayed? Although circumstances drove a majority of these flyers to try general aviation for the first time, the advantages, efficiency, safety and overall experience have made them life-long customers.

The General Aviation Advantage
Once you understand your travel party’s profile (visit to build yours), getting connected with the right jet charter operator is simple. If you make the same monthly flight, you might choose a jet card option, where you purchase hourly increments up front to be used up throughout the calendar year.

Say you need to move on short notice to see clients. There are operators that offer on-demand options where you simply book trips individually as needed with little notice needed.
Then there is fractional ownership charter, in which you or your company buy into the ownership of an aircraft that joins a fleet. As a fractional owner of the fleet, you are guaranteed access to your aircraft or a similar make and model within the overall fleet. This provides the most flexibility for frequent flying organizations.

No matter what option you choose, all operators maintain similar advantages. While commercial airlines are limited to part 139 (commercial service) certified airports, jet charter operators have access to thousands of general aviation airports nationwide that are often closer to your actual destination.

Then there is the added benefit of a scheduling, flight planning and dispatching crew that arranges all the itinerary details that fit your needs.

General Aviation vs. Commercial Aviation
Say your group needs to travel to Chicago. You’d most likely book a flight with United, American Airlines or a similar carrier out of Newark, along with a hotel stay to accommodate travel time. With unpredictable security lines, airline delays, airport delays and a crowded aircraft, you’re losing hours of productivity.

With a jet charter operator out of Morristown Airport, your flight leaves when you need to leave. When you arrive at the airport, your flight crew has the aircraft ready to go. You and your group have a quiet aircraft to yourself to prepare for your meeting in private. When you land, ground transportation is ready just steps from your aircraft and takes you to your meeting. After you wrap up your meeting, your flight crew is once again ready when you arrive at the airport.

No wasted time. No overnight stay. No added travel-related stress on an important day for your organization.

Morristown Airport and its jet charter operators offer these advantages for you and your travel group. Join the new group of flyers who are making general aviation their preferred method of flying and elevate your travel experience today

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