MMU’s Economic Impact

Economic Impact

New Jersey’s economy thrives as a result of small airports. In fact, they are essential to North Jersey’s daily commerce, connecting residents and businesses to state, regional, and worldwide markets. Because of this, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is dedicated to reviewing and updating the New Jersey State Airport System Plan (NJSASP) to ensure that the most accurate and up to date information is available surrounding the economic impacts of small airports.

Morristown Airport (MMU) plays an important role in New Jersey’s economy through our tenants and visitors providing an estimated $187 million total output/spending into our community. In addition, our airport plays a vital role in attracting and sustaining economic growth in our area through establishing and expanding our business operations with local companies. For example, several large pharmaceutical, technological, and communications corporations in the area have aircraft hangered at our airport.

At MMU, we also help serve the medical community through our ability to transport patients, medical supplies, and additional vital resources to various locations around the country. In addition, the State Police and Aeromedical Evacuation Transport helicopters (Medivac) frequently use MMU as a fueling station near St. Barnabas in Livingston, a national burn center, and Morristown Memorial Hospital, a Level II Trauma Center. Here at MMU, we are dedicated to helping our community.

Below, please find the NJ Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study from 2016, as well as Morristown Airport’s individual profile from the study.

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RWY 5-23 Construction Update: Nightly-closures continue tonight & next week. See below for anticipated RWY 5-23 closures, subject to change w/ weather
Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 27: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 28: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 29: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 30: 2200L-0600L
Oct. 1: 2200L-0600L

Nightly-Closures of RWY 5-23 for week of Sep. 20th are below:

Sep. 21: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 22: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 23: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L

NO closure tonight, Sep. 20th | closures subject to change due to weather impacts. Visit for more info.

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