Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project

Phase VI (formerly "Stage A")

Phase VI; Completed

Phase II, Stage A Complete; Access Road and Runway Safety Area Grading

Phase VII (formerly "Stage B")

Phase VII; Completed

Phase II, Stage B Complete; Culverts replaced on MALSR Road.

Completed culvert off the Runway 23 end on MALSR road. (November 7th)

Phase VIII (formerly "Stage C")

Phase VIII; Completed

Phase II, Stage C Construction COMPLETE

Phase II, Stage C construction on our Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project has officially been completed.

After a successful Federal Aviation Administration flight check in December, the newly installed Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway End Identifier Lights (MALSR) passed the inspection and has been entered into service.

The Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Glideslope navigational aids for Runway 23 have been returned to service as well. In conjunction with the FAA’s flight check of Runway 23 components, a second flight check was conducted to check the Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) for Runway 31. That check passed and the PAPI has been returned to service.

Phase IX

RWY 5-23 and Taxiway Alpha-Bravo Intersection BOTH Reopened

Phase IX Construction has been completed. Culvert installation has been completed with water now passing through the new structure underneath Runway 5-23 and Taxiway Alpha. Runway 5-23 grooving work has been completed. Taxiway Alpha paving and striping was completed on August 31 and the Alpha-Bravo intersection has reopened.

DM AIRPORTS, LTD. will reach out with construction details for Phase X as soon as they become available. Please sign up for Airfield Alerts if you haven’t done so already, by clicking the button below.

Phase IX Construction:

Photos include Culvert inlet, repaved sections of RWY 5-23 and Taxiway Alpha and aerial shot of work site during early stages of Phase IX

Phase X (2024)

Start Date: July 8 2024 (Tentative)

Phase X Construction: July 8 2024

Phase X of our RWY 5-23 Rehabilitation Project focuses on the construction of a subbase bedding for an eventual Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS) off the end of RWY 5, construction of a sheet pile retaining wall, relocation of the RWY 23 localizer, and installation of Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs).

A Relocated threshold on Runway 5 will be in place during Phase X, shortening Runway 5-23 to 5,000 feet for the duration of the phase. The 1,000 foot, relocated portion of the Runway 5 pavement will also be rehabilitated, grooved, and re-marked during Phase X.

Two Full-Closures of Runway 5-23

  • 2200L on July 17 through 0600L on July 22
  • 2200L on September 6 through 0600L on September 8

Two Full Airport Closures to Fixed-Wing Traffic

  • 0800L – 1200L on July 20
  • 0800L – 1200L on September 7

40 Night-Closures of Runway 5-23 (2200L – 0600L)

  • July 23 through August 31

All dates subject to change due to weather and other operational impacts

Runway 5-23

Rehabilitation Project

Over the next 5-7 years, MMU will continue a major rehabilitation project for Runway 5-23. Separated in annual stages to minimize operational impacts, Phase X is expected to begin in the summer of 2024. Work will include extending the runway 5 safety area in preparation for a new localizer and EMAS. A full schedule will be shared once available.

Planning for the RWY 5-23 rehabilitation project began in 2005, and DM AIRPORTS, LTD. (Operators of Morristown Airport), has been diligently working alongside engineering firms, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Airport Tenants to ensure a seamless flight experience for all who fly with MMU.

Overall Benefits of the Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project at MMU once completed:

  • Brand new paved surface
  • Upgraded approach systems
  • Enhanced safety areas
  • Lighting upgrades
  • And more!

With these updates, MMU will continue to shine as a premier general aviation airport for the New York Metro Airspace, State of New Jersey, and Morris County.

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