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Want to kick off your shoes, extend your seat all the way back, or listen to your music without headphones on? Well, on a commercial flight, that wouldn’t go without a few annoyed looks from surrounding passengers. But with the charter advantage, you can enjoy the luxury of privacy and convenience that no commercial flight can compete with. It can be a challenge to unwind during an extended flight, when surrounded by strangers. But when flying with Morristown Airport, you can relax and recharge in your own company.

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Learning to fly takes time, dedication, and commitment. That’s why having an effective flight training education is imperative to becoming the best pilot you can be. Learning how to fly at Morristown Airport (MMU) is one of the safest and secure places to do so with our uncrowded airspace and open runways.

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RWY 5-23 Construction Update: Nightly-closures continue tonight & next week. See below for anticipated RWY 5-23 closures, subject to change w/ weather
Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 27: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 28: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 29: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 30: 2200L-0600L
Oct. 1: 2200L-0600L

Nightly-Closures of RWY 5-23 for week of Sep. 20th are below:

Sep. 21: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 22: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 23: 2200L-0600L
Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L

NO closure tonight, Sep. 20th | closures subject to change due to weather impacts. Visit for more info.

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