Morristown Airport Introduces X-1 Landing Software for Airport Landing Fee Program

Morristown Airport Introduces X-1 Landing Software for Airport Landing Fee Program

Morristown Airport Introduces X-1 Landing Software for Airport Landing Fee Program 1186 898 Morristown Airport

Airport users at Morristown Airport (MMU) have a new product to look forward to upon their next arrival. Morristown Airport introduced X-1 Landing, powered by X-1 FBO as the airport’s new customer relationship management (CRM) platform to handle all airport landing-fee related business on October 23rd, 2023.

Morristown Airport worked closely with X-1 FBO to capitalize on their existing, FBO-centric technology to build a CRM product for airport management companies. The program integrates with X-1FBO and X-1TRX to track aircraft in real time as they travel to MMU. Upon arrival, an aircraft is matched with its operator, categorized based on aircraft type and assigned a landing fee invoice.

The vast majority of operators will receive their landing fee invoice via email the morning after an arrival. X-1 allows you to pay directly from the emailed invoice with the operator’s preferred payment method. There is also a “Customer Portal” feature that will be offered to certain operators, based on operational frequency.

“We are very excited about introducing this new product for our loyal, Morristown Airport users,” said Corey Hanlon, Manager of Communications at DM AIRPORTS, LTD. “Providing this level of seamless technology allows Morristown Airport to enhance the first-class experience that our airport users have come to expect when flying with us.”

If any operators have questions about Morristown Airport’s new X-1 Landing software, please reach out to our team below!

Thomas Pierson: Customer Experience Representative |

Corey Hanlon: Manager, Communications |

About X-1 FBO:

The most advanced and fully featured FBO software ever created. The X-1 family of products is the center of an ever-growing ecosystem of technology that’s making its way into general aviation. This technology brings the ability to communicate not just within the FBO but with the outside world.

In addition to a former General Manager and Line Service Technician, our group includes a Support Team made up of former Customer Service Representatives, Line Service Technicians and Customer Service Managers. Sometimes, they know the answer before our customers have finished the question.

Our world-class development team has worked at small and large companies. They have IT experience in many industries and technologies. Best of all, they now have intimate, unrivaled knowledge of business aviation. This team has built a suite of innovative “Best in Class” products.

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