Runway 5-23 Construction Updates

Runway 5-23 Construction Updates

Runway 5-23 Construction Updates 2560 1013 Morristown Airport

Runway 5-23 Construction

As Phase II, Stage B construction continues on our Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project, we wanted to share a progress update and outlook for the remainder of the project.

Weather impacts from two major storms, Henri and Ida, have forced the contractor to cancel multiple, scheduled closures over the past few weeks. In order to meet the original project deadline of November 1st, there will be changes to the original schedule of closures for September and October.

For the remainder of September and all of October, there is the potential for nightly-closures (2200L-0600L) on every weeknight. Our original schedule reserved these nights for potential closures given weather impacts.

Along with the potential for more nightly-closures on weeknights, there is the potential for weekend, Runway 5-23 closures during the daytime hours in September and October (times TBD).

The Contractor has been doing everything they can to keep the project on time, but due to circumstances beyond their control, these potential changes may be necessary to finish Phase II, Stage B by November 1st.

As always, we will provide updated project information as soon as it is available to us and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Nightly-closures of Runway 5-23 are scheduled Monday through Friday this week. Work will continue off the Runway 23 end in both of the culvert replacement areas as well as trenching work for conduit and a new JCP&L power line.

Upcoming Runway 5-23 Nightly-Closures*:

  • Sep. 24: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 27: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 28: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 29: 2200L-0600L
  • Sep. 30: 2200L-0600L
  • Oct. 1: 2200L-0600L

*Closures are subject to change due to weather and other impacts


For full details on Phase II, Stage B construction, and an overview of the complete Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project, please click here to be directed to our Improving MMU web page.

A relocated threshold (installed early August) will remain in place for the duration of Phase II, Stage B, set to complete on November 1, 2021. Runway 5-23 usable length for duration of Phase II, Stage B is 5,097′


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