Join the Wave of New Generation Flyers

Join the Wave of New Generation Flyers

Join the Wave of New Generation Flyers 2560 922 Morristown Airport

The general aviation has world has changed. When COVID-19 stopped parts of the world entirely for weeks and months at a time, people still needed to move. With commercial flights halted, private jet charter operators in the general aviation industry stepped up to move people safely and efficiently.

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new wave of flyers to general aviation like never before. Private jet charter operators saw significant increases in first-time flyers and more importantly, these first-time flyers have decided to stay (XO, a leading jet charter provider, saw a 298% year over year increase in Q1 2021, according to

Why have they stayed? Although circumstances drove a majority of these flyers to try general aviation for the first time, the advantages, efficiency, safety and overall experience have made them life-long customers.

The General Aviation Advantage
Once you understand your travel party’s profile (visit to build yours), getting connected with the right jet charter operator is simple. If you make the same monthly flight, you might choose a jet card option, where you purchase hourly increments up front to be used up throughout the calendar year.

Say you need to move on short notice to see clients. There are operators that offer on-demand options where you simply book trips individually as needed with little notice needed.
Then there is fractional ownership charter, in which you or your company buy into the ownership of an aircraft that joins a fleet. As a fractional owner of the fleet, you are guaranteed access to your aircraft or a similar make and model within the overall fleet. This provides the most flexibility for frequent flying organizations.

No matter what option you choose, all operators maintain similar advantages. While commercial airlines are limited to part 139 (commercial service) certified airports, jet charter operators have access to thousands of general aviation airports nationwide that are often closer to your actual destination.

Then there is the added benefit of a scheduling, flight planning and dispatching crew that arranges all the itinerary details that fit your needs.

General Aviation vs. Commercial Aviation
Say your group needs to travel to Chicago. You’d most likely book a flight with United, American Airlines or a similar carrier out of Newark, along with a hotel stay to accommodate travel time. With unpredictable security lines, airline delays, airport delays and a crowded aircraft, you’re losing hours of productivity.

With a jet charter operator out of Morristown Airport, your flight leaves when you need to leave. When you arrive at the airport, your flight crew has the aircraft ready to go. You and your group have a quiet aircraft to yourself to prepare for your meeting in private. When you land, ground transportation is ready just steps from your aircraft and takes you to your meeting. After you wrap up your meeting, your flight crew is once again ready when you arrive at the airport.

No wasted time. No overnight stay. No added travel-related stress on an important day for your organization.

Morristown Airport and its jet charter operators offer these advantages for you and your travel group. Join the new group of flyers who are making general aviation their preferred method of flying and elevate your travel experience today

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