Aircraft Landing Fees

Effective January 1, 2019, New Category 11 and Category 12 Landing Fees will be applied to designated aircraft. If you have any questions, please contact our Airport Operations Department: 973-538-6400

CategoryFeeAircraft Type
Cat. 1$0.00NO CHARGE during ATC hours ( 0645-2230)
Cat. 1$12.00 CHARGE FROM 2230-0645:
Beechcraft: BE23-BE24-BE33-BE35-BE36-B36T-BE77
Cessna: C120-C140-C150-C152-C170-C172-C177-C77R-C180-C182-C185-C188-C195-C206-C210-C321
Cirrus: SR20-SR22
Columbia/Cessna: COL3-COL4
Diamond: DA20-DA40-DA42
Grumman: AA1-AA5
Lake: LA4200-LA4250-LA4270
Mooney: M18-M20-M22
Piper: PA11-PA16-PA18-PA23-PA24-P28A-P28B-P28R-P28T-PA30-PA32-P32R-P32T-PA36-PA38-PA44-PA46T
Robinson: R22-R44-R66
Rockwell: AC11
Zlin: Z142-Z242-Z526
Cat. 2$15.00Beechcraft: BE50-BE55-BE56-BE58-BE76
Cessna: C310-C337
DeHaviland: DH2
Diamond: DA62
Epic: Victory
Pilatus: PC6P-PC6T-PC7-PC9
Piper: PA34-AEST
Cat. 3 $20.00Beechcraft: BE60
Cessna: C208-C320-C335-C340-C402-C411-C414-C421
Cirrus: SF50
DeHaviland: DH3
Eclipse: EA50
Epic: LT
Piper: PA31-PAY1
Rockwell: AC50-AC52-AC56-AC68-AC6L-AC72-AC80-AC90-AC95
Socata: TBM7-TBM8-TBM9
Cat. 4$35.00Beechcraft: BE9L-BE10
British Aerospace/Hawker: JS1-JS31-JS32
Cessna: C404-C406-C425-C441-C510
Dornier: DO28-D28D
Embraer: E50P
Hondajet: HDJT
Mitsubishi: MU2
Piaggio: P180
Pilatus: PC12
Piper: PAY2-PAY3
Cat. 5$45.00Beechcraft: B190-BE20-BE30-B350-BE40-PRM1
Cessna: C500-C501-C525-C25A-C25B-C25C-C550-C551-C560-C56X
Dassault: FA10
DeHaviland: DH6
Dornier: D228
Embraer: E110-E55P
Learjet: LJ23-LJ24-LJ25-LJ28-LJ31-LJ35-LJ55
Mitsubishi: MU30
Pilatus: PC24
Piper: PAY4
Swearingen: SW3-SW4-SJ30
SyberJet: SJ30i-SJ30x
Cat. 6$85.00British Aerospace/Hawker: H25A-H25B-H25C
Cessna: C650-C680-C68A
Learjet: LJ40-LJ45-LJ60-LJ70-LJ75
Dassault: FA20
Embraer: E120
IAI/Gulfstream: WW23-WW24-ASTR
Cat. 7$130.00Bombardier: CL30-CL35
Cessna: C750
De Havilland: DH8B
Dassault: FA50
Dornier: D328 & J328
Embraer: E450-E550
Gulfstream: G159
Hawker/Beechcraft: HA4T
IAI/Gulfstream: GALX
Learjet: LJ85
Saab: SF34
Cat. 8$150.00Bombardier: CL60-CRJ2/CL850
Dassault: F2TH-F900
Embraer: E135-E35L-E145
Cat. 9$275.00Bombardier: CRJ7-CRJ9
Dassault: FA6X-FA7X-FA8X
Gulfstream: GIII-G350-GIV-G450
Cat. 10$450.00Bombardier: GLEX-GL7T
Embraer: E170-E175
Gulfstream: GV-G500-G550-G600-G650-G700
Cat. 11$800.00Embraer: E190-E195
Cat. 12$1,000.00Boeing: B737/BBJ-B738/BBJ2-B739/BBJ3
Airbus: A318/ACJ318-A319/ACJ319-A320/ACJ320
Helicopters $25.00Augusta: A109-A139
Bell: B204-B205-B206-B210-B212-B222-B230-B430
Eurocopter: EC35-AS35-AS65
Hughes MD: MD369-MD500
Sikorsky: S76-S92

If your aircraft is not listed, or you have any questions in regards to landing fees, please contact the Airport Operations Office: