Hundreds of MMU security badges are issued each year, providing secure access for employees and tenants.

Airport ID badges are required for anyone located in the secured area of the airport which includes the tie-down, ramps and other areas inside the perimeter fence. ID badges must be visible at all times while inside the secured area.

How to obtain an Airport ID Badge:

Step One - Complete Section of the appropriate badge application 

Employees of corporate tenants, flight departments, FBO’s, on-airport businesses, contractors, or flight schools can download a badge application by clicking button below.

Tie-down tenants, T-hangar tenants, or members of flight clubs can download the West Tie-Down access application by clicking button below.

Step Two – Have your badge coordinator complete Section 2 and sign your application:

Each airport tenant has been assigned a badge coordinator who verifies you as someone who should have an Airport ID badge.  Your badge coordinator will also assign your access level.  If you are unsure of your badge coordinator, contact Airport Operations at (973) 538-3366 extension 116. 

If you have a license agreement with DM AIRPORTS, LTD for a tie-down spot, or you are a member of a flying club, you should contact the West Tie-Down Administrator, Gary Trotta, at (973) 538-3366 extension 116

If you own a T-hangar, you should contact Dirk VanderSteere at (973) 401-1900. 

Step Three – Submit your application to Airport Operations:

The application may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed, or dropped off.  See the contact information below.  After your application has been processed, you will receive a call to schedule an appointment for training.  All training is done by appointment only and no walk-ins will be accepted. 

Step Four – Interactive Employee Training:

Everyone receiving a MMU Airport ID badge is required to pass Security and Awareness Training.  Training takes place in the MMU Airport Operations Building and takes between 30-35 minutes to complete.

Applicants who have been assigned additional access will receive additional training:

  • Those applicants who have been assigned Fuel Farm access will receive Fuel Farm Safety and Awareness Training.  This training lasts 30-35 minutes.
  • Those applicants who have been assigned airport movement area (AMA) access will receive Driver Training.  This training lasts 35-40 minutes. 

Step Five – Badge Creation:

Your Airport ID badge will be created upon successful completion of the all required training.  Applicants must provide one primary and one secondary form of identification.  The following explains what forms of identification are acceptable:


Primary forms of ID include:

A state issued driver’s license

A state issued identification card

A US Military ID Card

A US Passport

A US Visa

Resident alien card

Secondary forms of ID include:

FAA issued pilot’s license

FAA issued mechanic’s license

Social Security Card

Voter Registration Card

Student ID

Credit/Charge/Debit Card

Lost/Stolen ID Badges All lost or stolen badges must be reported to Airport Operations immediately.  Contact the Airport Operations office at (973) 538-3366 extension 116.

Badge Fees

Initial badge


Badge renewal


Access change


Lost badge


Unreturned badge fee


Airport ID Badging Hours

By appointment only

Monday – Friday 0900-1900

Saturday and Sunday closed

Badging office location

Normal business hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.  During these hours, please check in with the receptionist in the Administration Building.  Directions to the administration building are here. Outside normal business hours and holidays, please report to the Operations building.  Directions to the operations building are here.

Contact Information

Airport Operations

8 Airport Road

Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: (973) 538-3366 ext. 116

Fax: (973) 538-5850