Morristown Airport Solo Deck

Solo Deck Usage Instructions

Contact MMU Ground (134.2) upon arrival with intention to taxi to Signature Flight Support

Contact Signature Flight Support (129.6) and alert them of intention to use the solo deck

A Signature crew member will direct you to the designated solo deck aircraft parking spot to drop off instructor

Solo Deck is less than 30 yards from parking spot

Contact MMU Ground (134.2) and continue back out to the airfield

Morristown Airport's Solo Deck was built to serve the local general aviation community, giving pilots-in-training and their instructors a place to learn in a tower-controlled environment.

Incoming students and their instructors can fly into MMU, taxi to Signature Flight Support, drop off the instructor at a designated solo deck parking spot on the ramp and then continue back to the airfield for pattern work.

MMU, in conjunction with Signature Flight Support, WILL WAIVE ALL LANDING FEES AND RAMP FEES for any pilots using the solo deck during ATC hours (0645 - 2230)

Signature Flight Support Phone number: 973-292-1300 | Email: [email protected]