There is currently NO construction taking place at Morristown Airport 

Morristown Airport will update its MMU Airfield Construction page as necessary.

For any immediate questions concerning construction, please call Airport Operations:

Phone: 973-538-2200 Ext. 116

All work on Runway 5-23 has been completed for 2017

The Reason for the RWY 5-23 Keel Repair Project

The Runway 5-23 Keel project was designed to stabilize the center 50’ section of the runway in preparation for a larger Runway Rehabilitation project that is scheduled to start in 2018.

The work involves milling out 9 inches of asphalt, 50’ wide and then laying a fabric and replacing the pavement. The new pavement would stabilize the center of the runway, which had started to fail due to age. During the larger Runway Rehabilitation project, Runway safety areas will be brought up to standard and an actual runway overlay will not occur until the end of the project.

The Keel work is designed to ensure that the runway remains stable through the larger project.