The FAA has streamlined the operation as it pertains to the use of cranes near airports. The first step to obtaining a crane approval is registering on the obstruction evaluation website here 

Below are directions about how the process works. This process is mandatory by the FAA as a means to ensure your crane is acceptable.

E-FILING is the quickest method for submitting your 7460-1, Request for Construction or Alteration, for temporary and permanent structures located OFF or ON airport property. Please follow these simple steps:

• Click ‘New User Registration‘ and complete. Make note of your user id and password.
• Add Sponsor. This is the party ultimately responsible for the permanent or temporary structure.
• Click ‘Add New Case (OFF or ON Airport)‘.
• Proceed with adding your new case. All areas with asterisks must be completed. Click on ‘Save‘.
• Click on ‘Verify Map‘. Verify that the location AND site elevation are correct for your structure and click on the verification statement.
• Click on ‘Submit to FAA‘.
• Remember to check the website at least weekly to monitor the status of ‘My Cases‘.
• For further assistance, refer to the ‘User Guide’ or call the Support Desk at 202-580-7500.

After this process is complete the FAA will assign you an Aeronautical Study Number (ASN). When you receive that number Call the MMU Operations Department at 973-538-3366 Ext 116 with that number and to advise us the days and times of your operations.