Jet Fast Cleaning Services, a longstanding tenant at Morristown Airport, is proud to offer specialized COVID-19 aircraft cleaning services to all aircraft operators and flight departments. Jet Fast Cleaning Services has partnered with Go Pro Sanitizing, LLC. to use their Trademarked and EPA Approved Product: SiArmor Surface Antimicrobial Protectant

SiArmor Surface Antimicrobial Protectant Protects Aircraft for 3 months! | Watch how the product works here 

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Learn About Their Six-Step, Surface-Bonded Antimicrobial Cleaning Activity with SiArmor

Step 1: Surface ATP Pre-Testing

Step 2: Hospital-Grade Sanitizer

Step 3: Microfiber Wipe

Step 4: SiArmor Antimicrobial 

Step 5: Surface ATP Post-Testing

Step 6: Certificate of Sanitization 

 Jet Fast and Go Pro Sanitizing, LLC use only products that are EPA-Registered Antimicrobial Sanitizers and meet the EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 when used on hard non-porous surfaces (tile, stone, wood, laminates and vinyl) and soft surfaces (fabric, leather, etc.)

About Jet Fast (courtesy of

Jet Fast has been a leader in the aircraft detailing industry for over 30 years. They proudly service aircraft for many Fortune 500 companies in several different airport locations, including Morristown Airport.

Their staff is specially trained in aircraft detailing to maintain the superior appearance of your aircraft. Their carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment is always updated to meet approval on Fire Blocking and Floor Board Corrosion.