The Airport will begin to repave approximately 1,000 feet of the keel of Runway 13/31 west of Runway 5/23 on October 7th. Similar to previous keel projects at the Airport, we will be repaving the center 50 feet. This work will impact the intersection of Taxiway Alpha and Runway 13/31 requiring back-taxi on Runway 5/23. Please find the project dates and corresponding Runway and Taxiway closures below:

Phase 1
This work will entail surveying, milling, and paving the center 50 feet of Runway 13/31 from the edge of the safety area of Runway 5/23. This work will also involve the application of initial pavement markings.

Runway 13/31 Closed – 0700L-1200L October 4th for surveying.
Runway 13/31 Closed – 0600L October 7th through 1500L October 25th.
Taxiway Alpha Closed between Taxiway Bravo and Taxiway Foxtrot – – 0600L October 7th through 1500L October 25th.

Runway 5-23 will remain open.

Phase 2
After thirty (30) days, Runway 13/31 will be grooved and final pavement markings will be applied. This work is scheduled to take approximately three (3) days. These dates will be distributed once the work is scheduled.

Runway 5-23 will remain open.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Airport Operations at 973-538-3366 ext. 116.