In preparation for the continued Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project, MMU has scheduled construction for Runway 5-23 and Runway 13-31. 

The first work, (milling and paving an overlay of 2,000 feet on Runway 13-31.) was completed on Thursday, August 16th.

The second half of the work will entail repair to a pot hole on the access road for the approach light system at the end of Runway 23. In order to repair this, it is required that Runway 5-23 be closed. We will also use this closure to perform some routine maintenance and painting on the runway.

MMU CLOSED Sat. Aug 18th: 0800L to 0900L (intersection painting both runways)
RWY 5/23 CLOSED 0900L to 1400L: pothole repair on access road

RWY 13-31 remains OPEN during this work

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Airport Operations at 973-538-3366 ext. 116.