For any immediate questions concerning construction, please call Airport Operations:

Phone: 973-538-3366 Ext. 116

2017 MMU Runway Construction and Closure Dates:

This year Morristown Airport will be continuing its multi-year Keel Repair Project on Runway 5-23 that was previously delayed. In a project funded by the NJDOT, the Airport will repave the final 3,000 feet of the southern end of the runway. Similar to previous Keel projects, we will be repaving the center 50 feet. In order to retain the funding provided by the NJDOT, this project must be completed in the first half of 2017.

Test Strip
Runway 13-31 Closed – 6am Monday, May 15th through Friday, May 19th
Runway 13-31 will be closed for five (5) consecutive days to allow for the paving of a test strip. This test strip will ensure that the contractor has the correct paving methods and mix established for the work on Runway 5-23. Runway 5-23 will remain open during this time.

Surveying & Preparations: Runway 5/23 Closed – 11am Sunday June 4th through Monday, June 5th at 12:01am
Runway 5-23 will be closed for surveying and preparations outside of the safety areas for Runway 13-31. Runway 13-31 will remain open during these times.

Milling & Paving: MMU closed to fixed wing traffic – 12:01am Monday, June 5th through 12:01am Sunday, June 11th
During this six (6) day closure of both runways, the intersection of the two (2) runways will be milled and paved. Morristown Airport will be closed to fixed wing traffic during this time.

Milling & Paving: Runway 5/23 Closed – 12:01am Sunday, June 11th through 11:59pm Sunday, June 11th
This closure will allow for all remaining work outside of the intersection of the two (2) runways to be completed. Runway 13-31 will remain open during these hours.

Grooving & Painting: Runway 5-23 will be closed from 2200L-0600L daily for 15 consecutive nights – TBD
During this night work, grooving and marking of Runway 5-23 will be completed. Runway 13-31 will be open during this closure except for 4 nights which will consist of the grooving and marking of the intersection of the two (2) runways. Morristown Airport will be closed to fixed wing traffic during those 4 nights; which will be determined at the latest 30 days prior to work commencing.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Airport Operations at 973-538-3366 ext. 116.


The Reason for the RWY 5-23 Keel Repair Project

The Runway 5-23 Keel project was designed to stabilize the center 50’ section of the runway in preparation for a larger Runway Rehabilitation project that is scheduled to start in 2018.

The work involves milling out 9 inches of asphalt, 50’ wide and then laying a fabric and replacing the pavement. The new pavement would stabilize the center of the runway, which had started to fail due to age. During the larger Runway Rehabilitation project, Runway safety areas will be brought up to standard and an actual runway overlay will not occur until the end of the project.

The Keel work is designed to ensure that the runway remains stable through the larger project.