Airfield Construction

Runway 5/23 Upcoming Closure

Morristown Airport received notification that it would be receiving a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Runway 5-23 Keel Project.  This funding will allow for the completion of the remaining 3,000′ +/-  of the Keel to be completed in a single event rather than the forecasted three events. Do to the timing of the grant funding this single event will take place during the 2016 construction season.  Having received this funding the Runway 5-23 closure scheduled for this August will be modified.

The updated Runway 5-23 closures are:

Wednesday, August 12th from 0730-1930L

Thursday, August 13th from 0730-1930L

Friday, August 14th from 0730-1930L

Saturday, August 15th from 0730-1930L

Sunday, August 16th from 0730-1930L

Monday, August 17th from 0730-1930L

Tuesday, August 18th from 0730-1930L

Morristown Airport will be closed to fixed wing aircraft on:

Wednesday, August 12th from 1200 to 1300L

With a rain date of Thursday, August 13th from 1200 to 1300L

These closures are to allow for necessary maintenance work,  scheduled surveying, installation of ground water monitoring wells, and  Geotechnical studies  necessary for the advancement of the larger Runway Safety Area and Runway 5-23 rehabilitation project that were phased to run  concurrent with planed construction closure.

Should you have any questions regarding this phase of the Keel Repair Project or the larger Runway Rehabilitation Project, please contact:

Peter J.W. Gilchrist, A.A.E., Manager, Operations & Security at peterg@mmuair.comor 973-538-6400 ext. 146


Darren S. Large, A.A.E., Manager, Facilities & Projects at or 973-538-6400 ext. 135