Airfield Construction

Runway 5/23 Upcoming Closure

In order to facilitate the completion of the second phase of the Runway 5/23 rehabilitation project, the airport will require three separate runway closures and one airport closure. The purpose of these closures is to groove the new pavement that was installed and to put down permanent runway markings.

The grooving has been scheduled for two consecutive nights. Runway 5/23 will be closed on Wednesday, October 15th from 10pm until Thursday, October 16th at 6am. The runway will be closed again Thursday, October 16th from 10pm until Friday, October 17th at 6am.

Runway 5/23 will then be closed for the installation of permanent markings on Saturday, October 18th from 7am to 3pm. This task will also require the closure of the airport to fixed wing aircraft from 12:30pm to 1:30pm to accommodate work at the intersection of Runway 5/23 and Runway 13/31.

Should you have any questions regarding this phase of the Keel Repair Project or the larger Runway Rehabilitation Project, please contact:

Darren S. Large, A.A.E., Manager, Facilities & Projects at or 973-538-6400 ext. 135


Peter J.W. Gilchrist, A.A.E., Manager, Operations & Security at or 973-538-6400 ext. 146

Thank You,

Morristown Airport Operations
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