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Mission Statement

To provide a superior level of Fire Control, Rescue & Emergency Medical Service and Life Safety Training to the Airport Community in order to save lives and protect property.

History & Mission of the Department

The Morristown Airport Aircraft Rescue Service (MARS) is a full service ARFF Department which provides first responder service for Fire, Rescue EMS and Haz Mat incidents on the facility 24 hours a day. The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) department operates a state of the art Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) which allows us to provide service that parallels that of the Federal Aviation Administration requirements for response equipment and extinguishing agents of an Index B Category Airport.

MARS was established at Morristown Municipal Airport in May of 1996 after construction of a Maintenance/ARFF facility and the purchase of a new Walters RIV.  The Morristown Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Association, Inc. was established as the administrative body which oversees the business operation.  The Association determined it would be in the best interest of the Airport Community to contract with a private entity in order to provide fire protection services at its facility.

In April of 1998 airport management contracted with the Rural Metro Fire Department to provide Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Services at the facility. The department is currently staffed with a Fire Chief, Fire Captain, 3 Full Time Firefighters and 5 Reserve Firefighters. All of the staff members exceed the minimum FAA standards for ARFF firefighters and are all certified NJ Emergency Medical Technicians. Our firefighters work 12 hour shifts and are the first responder to all emergencies at the facility. Due to the fact that the RIV is designed to be operated from the driver seat by a single person, there is commonly only one firefighter on duty per shift. The fire chief works weekdays and will respond to the facility for emergencies whenever available after hours. The first priority of our firefighters during an incident is to conduct a size up and request the proper type of off-airport response needed to handle the emergency. Following their initial assessment, they  then begin to mitigate the problem as best they can with the available resources provided.

In addition to emergency response services, the ARFF department provides fire and life safety training to tenants and airport management. Tours of the fire station and equipment are conducted upon request.

Offered Non-Emergency Services

Training classes and additional services offered to tenants and airport employees:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • CPR and AED Training
  • Courtesy Fire Inspections
  • Fire Station and Equipment Tours
  • Event Standby

Equipment (click here to view)

Contact Chief Reighard at

Rescue 8

Oshkosh 1500 Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)

  • Responds to all on-airport fire and rescue emergencies and limited off airport response to aircraft emergencies
  • 1500 gallons of water
  • 210 gallons of AFFF Class B Foam
  • 500 lbs Purple K Dry Chemical Powder
  • Halmatro Jaws Rescue Tool
  • K-1200 Rotary Saw

Rescue 3

Chevy Pickup with Skid Unit

  • Responds as command vehicle for the Airport Fire Chief at Airport Emergencies
  • Responds to EMS calls
  • Responds for mutual aid when staffed
  • Conducts airfield wildlife inspections and other tasked inspections

Rescue 2

Chevy Blazer

  • Backup command vehicle
  • Backup for EMS calls
  • Utilized to conduct department business as needed


Emergency Response Trailer

  • Can be towed out to the scene of a large emergency on the facility
  • Maintains additional foam resources to resupply Rescue 8
  • Maintains supplies to assist with a mass casualty incident on the facility
  • Maintains supplies for large Hazmat spills on the facility